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Best Job Ever?

General Writing ThoughtsPosted by Mark C. King 2016-08-01 03:29PM
I once had a job helping to run the office of a small private tennis club. It was awesome! The work was easy, the pay was decent, and I happen to love tennis. I always knew that it was not going to be my career, but it was pretty sweet while it lasted.

I bring this up as I sometimes think how it would be to have a job as an author. I have hard time imagining that it would not be incredible. To be able to spend lots of time developing a story, wording it just so, and just bringing my imagination to life sounds perfectly wonderful.

As it is I have a full-time job and do my writing in the mornings or evenings. I wonder how improved my stories could be with more dedicated time.

Well, for now, I will keep reaching for that goal. Don't quit your daydream as someone once said.

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