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General Writing ThoughtsPosted by Mark C. King 2016-08-24 03:28PM
I have discovered an interesting phenomenon as a finish my books. I am almost sorry to publish it as my next one will be that much better.

In no way does this mean that I think my past works are no good, it is just that I get so excited and see so much potential in the next story that it is hard to focus on anything else.

When I finished my first book (Sigmund Shaw: A Steampunk Adventure), I was very happy with it (still am), but I had already had exciting ideas for the next one (Whisper of Bedlam Asylum) and new that it would be even better than the first one. As Whispers was being finished, I was already thinking about an Egyptian adventure with a very underused (although my favorite) character - and could be better than my first two.

Now that my third book (Tomb of Hannu) is nearing publication, I have the beginnings of a fourth one and I, again, think it will be my best story. I am SO excited about it!

My guess is that I am not unique in these feelings, but found them interesting enough to share.

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