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General Writing ThoughtsPosted by Mark C. King 2016-06-13 02:54PM
So I have been trying to get my newest book (Whispers of Bedlam Asylum) into as many hands as possible. One thing I that I wish I thought of sooner was to make it clear that this book is a stand-alone novel.

Yes, it is 'Sigmund Shaw, book 2', but I made it so that any needed references are provided. In fact, as I was writing it, I had people helping me who had not read the first book yet. This helped me to elaborate where needed.

I'm not against connected series (where you have to read book 1 before 2 and so forth), but it feels that those are nearing the point of cliche. Even brand-new authors are starting with 'Book 1 of the...trilogy' - I admire the confidence, but there is no harm in starting a little smaller and building experience and skill.

All that said, my current work will probably be a two-parter. It was not my intention, but the story is driving that way. I like the idea that I did not set out to make a multi-book story, but that it happened naturally.

Please don't think that I'm against multi-book connected series, I am not. Lord of the Rings - Classic. Hunger Games - Awesome. But they are an investment in time and sometimes, I just wanna pick up a solo novel and be done with it.

Not sure why I felt like sharing all this, but I did.

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