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General Writing ThoughtsPosted by Mark C. King 2016-05-09 02:52PM
I attended my first writing workshop (at the Watch City Steampunk Festival) and found it to be very enjoyable.

I really didn't know what it would be like and wondered if there would be a way to leave if I didn't like it. A few minutes in and I was sure that I wouldn't be leaving early.

Why was it beneficial for me? A few reasons. First, it was very nice to hear other writers having the same experiences that I have had. Made me feel that I was not alone in my struggles.

Second, I enjoyed a little brainstorming session we held. Ideas were bounced around and it was great to see different perspectives on a single topic. Quite an interesting premise came out of that session...

Third, it was nice to make some more contacts. I did not go into this workshop with the notion to let anyone know that I had published a couple books - and certainly no intention to try and sell. Being that the group was small, we did introductions (including our writing history), so my 'secret' was out. When the session was over I talked with a few others and we exchanged emails. Also, if anyone was interested in reading what I had done, I offered to send them free digital copies.

All in all, if was fun and kept my interest in writing steampunk at a high level.

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