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Part 7: Advertising

Writing Your Own NovelPosted by Mark C. King 2016-04-08 09:53AM
So now you have written your book, published it in someway, and are now waiting for the sales to climb. But... they don't. This is the stage where your patience and fortitude will be tested the most - in my opinion.

Let me be clear on something: I am NOT an advertising expert. In fact, I think I'm bad at it. That said, I will share my experience for whatever it is worth.

First, new authors have to realize that there are hundreds, thousands, more? new authors just like you trying to do the same thing. Think about this: of those hundreds of novels that came out in the last month, how many have you heard of? Probably not all of them, maybe only a couple, or none at all. Hence the need for advertising.

To let you know how bad I am at advertising, let me share some basic numbers. I have published two books ('Sigmund Shaw: A Steampunk Adventure' and 'Whispers of Bedlam Asylum'). The first book has been out for a little under a year and the second book has been out for about a month. Between the two, I have probably sold around 50 books. That is a far cry from what my dream is.

Perhaps my books are bad and people don't want to read them. That is a possibility, however, of the folks who have read them, they have left very positive reviews. So, if I'm not a bad writer, why are more people not reading my books? The simple answer: Not enough people know about them.

How have I tried to tackle this? A couple ways. First is the social media approach. Using twitter and instagram, I have advertised my book. Can't say it has been greatly effective, but it is better than nothing. Regarding instagram, there is a whole community of book reviewers (they call themselves bookstagram) and I have reached out to many of them offering a free copy of my book. This has been very helpful. Not only do they post their reviews to their followers, I also get good feedback on my writing. A long the lines of giving away your book, I recommend giving it to anyone who wants it. Until your famous, getting your book read should be your only priority.

The second way I advertise is fliers. I have only recently started doing this, but figure any advertising I can do is good. Small signs with the book cover, where available, and a little, 'Support your local author' slogan is what I'm trying. I put these at bus stops, community boards in coffee houses, and anywhere that gets some traffic.

Again, I have not been too successful, so my methods are not necessarily correct. In fact, if you know of better methods, please let me know!

In this 7 part blog series, I have given you my experience and suggestions for writing, editing, publishing, and advertising your book. I hope you find it informative and maybe even helpful.

I appreciate any feedback you have, so feel free to reach out to me.

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